Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Overview

07/18/2013 @ 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Los Charros Restaurant
89 West El Camino Real
Mountain View,CA 94040

Joe Clancy will give a dinner presentation on Sales & Operations Planning, covering:

What is S&OP?

Why is S&OP needed in organizations?

Challenges to be anticipated in S&OP implementation.

About the Meetup: At the restaurant, go to the private room in the back. A waiter will take orders for dinner.

About the presenter: Joe Clancy has twelve years of experience in finance and accounting in the telecom industry. He has another twelve years of experience in supply-chain operations, most recently with Logitech, where he was the Worldwide Forecasting Manager. There he led the Global Planning Process-Improvement Team, the Supply-Chain NPI Task Force, and the Pre-S&OP Planning Team. Joe has a Management Accounting degree from Suffolk University in Boston, and an MBA from Santa Clara University. When Joe is not working on supply chains, he enjoys coaching youth and high-school baseball.


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Bob Kotcher

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    • “At Western Digital, I brought in Bob Kotcher based on his exemplary job performance, project management skills, academic & practical knowledge, and teamwork/communications skills, all of which Bob had repeatedly demonstrated to me when I had the opportunity to work with him prior to Western Digital. Bob brought with him world-class academic credentials and a simply outstanding knowledge of Factory Physics, including Capacity Modeling, Cycle-Time Simulation, and Lean Manufacturing. Bob is a great guy to work with and would be a valued member of any operations staff wanting to improve its productivity and/or lower operating costs. He won’t let you down.”

      Guy Harper – Engineering Projects Director
      Calisolar, Inc.
    • “At MMC, Bob initiated and led numerous cross-functional process improvement teams that made significant improvements to our production. For example, in one area, he linked together several disparate operations into a cell, reducing cycle time and WIP by 97% and saving $220,000 a year in labor and damaged product.”

      John Kim – Director, Thermal Reactor Process Engineering
    • “At Headway Technologies, we were planning a major capital investment in an additional photolithography stepper tool in order to improve throughput at this bottleneck. Bob did a Monte Carlo simulation analysis of this area and found something that none of us had suspected. The capacity at this work-center was actually operator-constrained, not machine-constrained. He showed us how, by adding operators, we could meet the required capacity increase. A few additional operators in the photolithography area kept these tools at an optimum utilization and this extra Opex was a small fraction of the capital depreciation that another stepper would have cost.” 

      Guy Harper – Engineering Projects Director
      Calisolar, Inc.
    • “At each company that he works with, [Simitar founder Bob Kotcher] strives to improve day-to-day operations, and thus to improve the bottom line.  Bob is not afraid to present politically unpalatable truths, if his work suggests that a change will lead to overall improvement.”

      Dr. Jennifer Robinson – Chief Operating Officer
      Fabtime, Inc.
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