MH900383896Simitar provides classes and workshops that help clients increase quality and productivity via Lean Six Sigma methods. Companies choose Simitar because:

1. Our training programs are not one-size-fits all, but are customized to suit the particular client.

2. Our instructors are not merely trainers but are experienced consultants who have implemented the tools and techniques that they are teaching, in industries as varied as high-tech, plastics, consumer products, medical devices, biotech, aerospace, and capital equipment. This enables instructors to show how techniques could be applied to any particular client situation.

3. Several of our programs can be delivered in Spanish.

List of Courses

Course # Course Name
LEA04 Lean Manufacturing Certification Program
LEA01 Introduction to Lean Implementation
VSM01 Value Stream Mapping
LPC01 Lean Production Control and Inventory Management
FLOW01 Creating Continuous Flow Manufacturing Cells
KAI01 Kaizen Events: 5S, Visual Controls, Mistake Proofing
KAI02 Process Kaizen: Quick Changeover and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
LEA07 Lean Office Value Stream Mapping
LEA08 Lean Office Certificate Program
LEA09 Lean Manufacturing Certification (Blended Learning)
FLOW02 Continuous Flow and Pull Systems
KAI04 Kaizen Events: Team Facilitation and Problem Solving
MAT01 Material Flow and Kanban Systems
LEA02 Lean for the Executive
LEA03 Creating a Lean Culture
LEA05 Lean Manufacturing for Job Shops
EVM01 Extended Value Stream Mapping and Analysis
VSM02 Creating Mixed Model Value Streams
5S01 5S: Sort, Set-in-Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain
SMED01 SMED / Quick Changeover
VC01 Visual Controls
STW01 Standardized Work
TPM01 Total Productive Maintenance
LH01 Lean For Healthcare
6SIG01 Six Sigma Green Belt Training
6SIG02 Six Sigma Executive Overview
6SIG03 Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
6SIG04 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
6SIG05 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
PROB01 A3 Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis
PROB02 Six Sigma DMAIC Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis
LPD01 Lean Product Development
LACC01 Lean Accounting
LLA001 Lean Leadership


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Simitar founder

Bob Kotcher

LinkedIn E-mail

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    • “At Western Digital, I brought in Bob Kotcher based on his exemplary job performance, project management skills, academic & practical knowledge, and teamwork/communications skills, all of which Bob had repeatedly demonstrated to me when I had the opportunity to work with him prior to Western Digital. Bob brought with him world-class academic credentials and a simply outstanding knowledge of Factory Physics, including Capacity Modeling, Cycle-Time Simulation, and Lean Manufacturing. Bob is a great guy to work with and would be a valued member of any operations staff wanting to improve its productivity and/or lower operating costs. He won’t let you down.”

      Guy Harper – Engineering Projects Director
      Calisolar, Inc.
    • “At MMC, Bob initiated and led numerous cross-functional process improvement teams that made significant improvements to our production. For example, in one area, he linked together several disparate operations into a cell, reducing cycle time and WIP by 97% and saving $220,000 a year in labor and damaged product.”

      John Kim – Director, Thermal Reactor Process Engineering
    • “At Headway Technologies, we were planning a major capital investment in an additional photolithography stepper tool in order to improve throughput at this bottleneck. Bob did a Monte Carlo simulation analysis of this area and found something that none of us had suspected. The capacity at this work-center was actually operator-constrained, not machine-constrained. He showed us how, by adding operators, we could meet the required capacity increase. A few additional operators in the photolithography area kept these tools at an optimum utilization and this extra Opex was a small fraction of the capital depreciation that another stepper would have cost.” 

      Guy Harper – Engineering Projects Director
      Calisolar, Inc.
    • “At each company that he works with, [Simitar founder Bob Kotcher] strives to improve day-to-day operations, and thus to improve the bottom line.  Bob is not afraid to present politically unpalatable truths, if his work suggests that a change will lead to overall improvement.”

      Dr. Jennifer Robinson – Chief Operating Officer
      Fabtime, Inc.
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